The New State and WSAU would like to thank the following for their support:


Gino Tassara

Andrew Silverman

Sue Hanke Forsberg

Mackenzie Bronnson

Mara Garran

City of Milwaukee

Michelle Lopez

Alex Pochtarev

Ilya Prokopets

Elizabeth Vogt

Paul & Cathy Luber

Martha Luber

David Kaftan

Monica Skipper

Kathe Hoffmann

Steve U.

Trevor T. Cole

Jesse Booker


Shle Berry

Kathryn Lavey

Yessica Jiminez

Carsyn Taylor

John & Jackie

Charles Dixon

Brad Meyers

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Promise Bruce

Calen Schruender

Gabe Johnsen

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Will Rose

John Mellberg

Josh Bell

Grace D’Amore

Jason and Tracey Gessner

Lindsey Bell

Kate Schwartz

Justin Herrick

Burgess McMillian

Janell Gorzalski

City of Milwaukee

Near West Side Partners

Historic Concordia Neighbors

Wisconsin Preservation Fund

Quorum Architects



Marquette University / Mary & Tom Avery, Kelsey Otero

Joyce Altman

MSOE / Dr. Mike Carriere

Brad & Lori Smith

Cactus Club / Kelsey Kaufmann

Company Brewing / George Bregar

Bad Genie / Non-Pop

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

OnMilwaukee / Bobby Tanzillo

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / Tom Daykin

Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service / Max Nawara

Wisconsin Public Radio / Corri Hess

The Jazz Gallery Center for the Arts

The Vera Project , Seattle, WA

The Garage, Minneapolis, MN

Extra big shoutout + thank you to Todd Sobotka + family for sharing their history with us and giving us permission to reprint The Palms T-shirts!

…..and many more who have shared their time, ideas, passion, and energy!